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What is the CTLS?

The Caribbean Tourism Learning System (CTLS) The CTLS is one that facilitates a strategic and coordinated tourism education and training strategy for the Caribbean. The CTLS aims to raise the level of professionalism of tourism workers to meet international standards and global competitiveness. The key elements of the Caribbean Tourism Learning System are:

  • Unified core curriculum for different levels of certification at the tertiary level of education
  • Use of occupational standards linked to the core curriculum
  • Tourism modules for primary and secondary schools
  • Public awareness and career awareness at the secondary school level
  • Exchange programmes for students, industry employees and tourism educators under the Tourism Internship Exchange System (TIES) programme
  • Student and industry employee mobility throughout the region
  • Self-regulatory quality assurance systems for public and private sector tourism education and training service providers
  • Programme articulation to facilitate transfer of credits between institutions