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Sanitation, Safety and Hygiene for Hospitality Professionals

Course Outline


  1. Kenaz Francis—AAS, BBA, MBA, MPH (Primary) E:
  2. Daryl Spencer—AAS, BSc, MPH
  3. Other Industry Experts

Course Information:

Course Title: Sanitation, Safety and Hygiene for Hospitality Professionals

Prerequisite: None

Required Material: Google Classroom Materials (provided by Facilitators)

Meeting Times:

Location: Online Sessions Only

Course Description:

The training will provide participants with information on basic safety, personal hygiene, general handling of food and microorganisms involved in food handling. Local legislation relevant to the food service industry will be examined.

This course is designed to:

  • Present the rules of personal hygiene and the importance of adhering to safety rules and regulations.
  • Introduce the causes and prevention of food poisoning and to introduce the requirements of safety in the workplace.
  • Introduce local legislation relating to the food service industry

Course Topics:

  • How Food Handling Practices Cause Foodbourne Illness
  • How Personal Hygiene Affects Food Safety
  • Sanitation Practices Relating to Purchasing and Receiving
  • Safe Food Storage Practices
  • Safe Freezing, Thawing and Reheating
  • Cleaning and Sanitizing Practices to Promote Food Safety
  • Vector Control
  • Relevant Local Legislations
  • Principles of HACCP
  • Food Preservation
  • Refuse/Waste Disposal
  • Basic Fire Safety
  • Other Relevant Topic

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